Innovative Tools to Encourage Group Giving While Saving Staff Time 


Donors Impact offers innovative tools to create group gifts (giving circle pictured on right), thereby directly engaging the donors and building enthusiasm.  Here’s how:

The class of 2000 has decided to raise $100,000 for the college’s scholarship program.  Launched by a leadership gift from one member of the class, scores of classmates have made their contributions, ranging from small monthly gifts given on a credit card, to multi-year pledges, to a one-time transfer of appreciated stock inherited from a recently deceased grandparent. 

 Complicated?  Normally, development office and finance staff might spend hours producing updates and reports on the status of a campaign such as this.

With Donors Impact, as the donors’ gift information (which remains confidential) is entered into the donor management portion of the database by staff, it automatically populates the social media-style campaign report pages, showing classmates the status of the campaign and the balance needing to be raised.  Alumni can easily access the information – when they choose to -- connect with each other, and celebrate their collective success.