Building Connections with other Donors

 Donors Impact offers social networking tools that facilitate connections with other donors, build donor giving circles, and promote mentoring and volunteer opportunities, all within a secure, donor-controlled system.  This feature encourages donors to leverage their gifts to encourage others to give, thus empowering them to become agents for change.  Gift acknowledgements from those who have benefited from the donors’ gifts can also be posted, thus building donor loyalty, enthusiasm and involvement – all within a social media platform that is convenient, fun and familiar.

Younger donors, especially those “young millenials” born in 1980 and later, are looking for a new fund raising strategy, one that combines the speed and convenience they have come to expect with a high-touch, personal approach. For many, gone are the days of lengthy cultivation lunches, snail-mail correspondence and complicated social events. These donors obtain and consume information in a different, fast-paced way. They expect to find what they want and need instantly, at the click of a mouse.