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"Perhaps no place in any community is so totally democratic as the town library.  The only entrance requirement is interest" - Lady Bird Johnson 

The Coatesville Area Public Library is committed to providing resources to all citizens that promote educational, cultural and community success.  The following serves as a snapshot of some of the free initiatives and activities we currently have in place:

  • Chester County Historical & Cultural Preservation
  • Toastmasters
  • 4-H Robotics Program
  • Community Yoga
  • Career Link
  • GED Classes
  • Book & Chess Clubs
  • Moms/Kids Story Time

In addition to the programs such as Toastmasters, which helps members improve their communication, leadership and public speaking skills and the 4-H Robotics that inspires young people to develop and early interest in robotics engineering and technology - the library is also uniquely positioned to serve the needs of the dispossessed community of the digital age – the mostly poor and elderly.

OUR Public Library continues to make a difference in OUR Community.


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